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Ottawa Tastes Sweet Victory, Splits Series with Baycats

This Ottawa Fat Cats’ victory was a sweet one, for sure. Not only did it come against the 1st Place, Barrie Baycats, but it also snapped a 10-game losing streak for Ottawa.

For me, the win for the Fat Cats at Barrie Metals Stadium last night, wasn’t a huge shocker. Ottawa proved to us and themselves that they can win ball games, by coming within minutes of defeating the 2nd Place, Brantford Red Sox just a night earlier, only to fall in the Bottom of the 9th.

Unfortunately, Rogers decided to air this doubleheader 20 Hours later than it’s actual start time. However, I will do my best to type up a detailed game recap. Thank god for Pointstreak, eh?

Ottawa got off to a pretty good start, scoring 4 runs in the first 4 innings, compared to Barrie’s 0. Joe Stone has been on an absolute roll as of late. He was only at the plate twice, yet still managed a hit and followed that by scoring on a Mark Charrette Double.

Things would get interesting, however, as Barrie came within 1 run going into the final inning of the game. At this point, I’m sure that everybody knew just how close this game was going to be. We had another barn-burner on our hands.

In the 7th, Matt McGovern–DH for this game–kicked off the offence, by Singling to 1st. He would later score on a Kyle Barclay Triple RBI, along with Jon Dale and Chris Latimer. That would be enough, as the steady relief pitching of Danny Desclouds, got him, and the Fat Cats, the win.

It was a monumental win for Ottawa, however they would have to be forced to put their excitement aside for another 2 hours, because they still had a second game to play in this Doubleheader.

The first run would be scored by Barrie, as they took an early 1-0 lead in the 3rd. However, the Fat Cats would battle back. Mombo got out of his scoring slump, driving in a run and scoring one himself as well. This would not be all from Ottawa in the 4th. They took a 3-1 lead after two RBI’s from Ross Graham and Mark Charrette.

This would be the last of the good news for the Fat Cats, as their fielding costed them a win, once again. Both Dave Latour and Jordan Lundberg scored unearned runs off of Ottawa errors, which sealed the win for their team, the Baycats. Resident Ottawa killer, Adam Hawes got the win for Barrie on the Mound, while Tyler Durward took the loss for the Fat Cats. I still fail to see why MacKenzie plays Durward (0-2).

All in all, it’s been a productive weekend so far for Ottawa. Confidence has been restored, and later today our Fat Cats travel to Kitchener to take on the Panthers at Jack Couch Park. Let me tell you something, I’d be more than satisfied if we can come up with a win against Luke Baker and the Panthers.


A Heartbreaking loss for Ottawa

Josh McCurdy - LF for Brantford

It always happens. The Ottawa Fat Cats are an expansion team in the IBL, and when you’re an expansion team in any league,  you’re always going to face some speed bumps.

Last night was a pretty big one for the Ottawa Fat Cats. It was 7-6 headed into the Bottom of the 9th Inning for Ottawa, when a few wild pitches from Danny Desclouds, allowed Adrian Kerr and Jason Gotwalt to score and take the win away from the Welcoming arms of the Fat Cats.

Gotwalt was one of the many bright spots for Branford in this game, going 4 for 4, scoring 2 runs and smacking an RBI on the scoreboard at the almost soldout Arnold Anderson Stadium.

Also shining on the Red Sox, was the newly acquired CF, Chris Emanuele. This former Toronto Blue Jays prospect has played his last four seasons of Ball, in the Jays’ minor-league system for the Auburn Doubledays, Pulaski Blue Jays, Dunedin Blue Jays and the Lansing Lugnuts, all Class-A. Needless to say, he could definitely be playing IndyPro Baseball. However, he would play this game for the Red Sox. He went a modest 1 for 3, however, with 2 RBI’s and solid play at CF, Emanuele played a vital part in this Sox win.

For the Fat Cats, Joe Stone and Kyle Barclay were dangerous at the plate and on the bases. They both had 2 hits, and scored both times they got on base. Zach Staniewicz continues to prove that he has been a great acquisition by GM, Duncan McDonald, and is currently one of the brightest parts of Ottawa’s fielding. He can also really rip the baseball when he wants to.

On to the game recap.

The Red Sox got off to a good start early, scoring three runs in the 1st Inning. 7 Batters would get to the plate for Brantford, while only 4 for Ottawa. Mombo got the first hit for the Cats, but was left stranded on 1st by the next batter.

The rest of the game was fairly uneventful, until the 8th Inning. The Sox led by a score 0f 6-3 and were looking to finish this game up. Steve Murray, Brantford’s starting pitcher, was pulled after the 6th in favor of Mark James. James was excellent in the 7th, putting out the first three batters on 6 pitchers.

The 8th, however, was a disaster for Brantford.

James was pitiful. He couldn’t throw a strike if the zone was as wide as a Hockey Net. Joe Stone, Matt McGovern, Mark Farago and Kyle Barclay all came in to score for the Fat Cats, and out of nowhere, it looked as though the lengthy Fat Cats’ losing streak was coming to an end.

But then, in the Bottom of the 9th, 2 wild pitches, brought in two runs for Brantford. The Game was over, and Ottawa had lost again.

It seems like this horribly ugly streak of losses will never come to an end for Ottawa, but we can only hope for an upset later this week. Besides, this is hardly a step downwards for Ottawa. We came just minutes away from defeating the second-best team in the IBL, and I think that we’re going to suprise the Barrie Baycats tonight.

Along with the Baycats, Ottawa plays Kitchener, Hamilton, Mississauga and Toronto on this road trip. We’ve had some pretty good outing against a lot of those teams, so let’s hope for the best.

Panthers Pounce on Fat Cats, win 7-3

DISCLAIMER: In this  blog post, I will deliberately refrain from using the term “9-game Losing Streak”.

Today’s game between the Ottawa Fat Cats and Kitchener Panthers was not televised, since it was a rescheduled wash-out from last weekend and Rogers doesn’t carry rescheduled games. However, this was probably a good thing, unless you enjoy watching the Cats lose.

All jokes aside, Ottawa did play much better than their last performance against the first place, Barrie Baycats, but we must remember that this Kitchener Panthers team, isn’t as high up in the Standings as the Baycats. The now 10-7 Panthers are battling the Toronto Maple Leafs (9-7) and the Mississauga Twins (7-7) for 3rd position in the Standings.

34-year-old David Steffler got the start on the Mound for Ottawa. He took the loss, allowing 11 hits for 5 runs g in 4 innings, and got the yank in the Middle of the 5th inning, which was arguably the killer today for the Fat Cats. Danny Desclouds came in for Steffler, and pitched for the rest of the game, solidly, except for a questionable 7th inning. Ross Davis got the win for Kitchener.

At the plate, Luke Baker did very well for the Panthers. He managed 4 hits on his 5 at bats. One run came in on those hits, and Baker himself brought in one run. For the Fat Cats, Jon Dale, former Ottawa Cub, got 2 hits in his five at bats. He led the stat count for Ottawa ‘s offense.

Zach Staniewicz continues to impress me. This was his second start with the Fat Cats, and he has managed to get on base in both games. Denten Neill was also solid, as always.

The Fat Cats are getting better, however the upcoming schedule isn’t being particularly nice to us. Ottawa doesn’t return home from a lengthy road trip, until the beginning of July. On this road trip, the Cats must face off against the top three teams in the league.

We can only hope for an upset, and I think that it’s possible, if our offense keeps it’s confidence, and our fielding improves a little more. It’ll be tough, though. Ottawa’s road record isn’t exactly promising.

Ottawa’s next game is vs. the Brantford Red Sox, at Arnold Anderson Stadium on Friday.

Fat Cats’ Losing Ways Continue.. No Runs in 2 Games

The last few weeks haven’t exactly gone the way of the Ottawa Fat Cats. The 6-game losing streak that the Cats were riding into this weekend is a good indicator of that. The last time that the Ottawa Fat Cats won a ball game, was the May 24th Doubleheader, against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Yeah, almost a month ago.

Going into this weekend, Ottawa Stadium was hosting the 11-3 Barrie Baycats, who have been tearing up the competition. It didn’t matter who threw what at the Baycats. They couldn’t be stopped.

That being said, most people would likely go ahead and assume that the Fat Cats didn’t really pose much of a threat to Barrie’s hot streak.

Those who assumed that, were right.

In Game 1 of the Doubleheader, the Baycats came out strong, scoring 5 runs in the first 3 innings on Ottawa’s fielding. Starting pitcher, Matt Hummell picked up the loss, allowing those 5 runs on 8 hits, while only pulling in 2 Strikeouts. On the other side of the mound, however, Brad Bissell was outstanding for Barrie. He only allowed two hits, in the 6 innings that he pitched, representing the 11-3 record that the Baycats boasted of very well.

Tyler Durward and Joel Richard were the relief pitchers for the Fat Cats, and combined, Ottawa’s pitching gave up 12 hits in the first game. Not an A+ performance, that’s for sure.

On the field, things continued to be dismal for the Fat Cats, and while only posting 3 errors on the score sheet, it looked much worse. Dan Baribeau, the 30-year-old that was brought in to replace the released catcher Marcel Levac, was mediocre this afternoon. He went 0-for-3 at the plate, and struggled to find his infielders, missing throws on pick-off attempts repeatedly.

Baribeau didn’t play ball in the IBL last season and I assume that it’s just rust. It also could be the lingering hex that the lady at the Atlanta Braves game put on our defense. Unfortunately, only time will tell.

The final score was a disappointing 6-0 loss for Ottawa.

The now 4-11 Ottawa Fat Cats, hoped to turn there misfortunes around, and send the crowd of 1,167 at Ottawa Stadium home happy. While things did get remotely better, the Fat Cats still couldn’t shrug away the talented Baycats. Former Ottawa Rapidz’ pitcher, Adam Hawes returned to his former home field, and pitched the whole game (7 innings) for Barrie, not allowing a single run, and only two hits.

The Fat Cats only managed 4 hits in the entire Doubleheader.

Matt McGovern took the 2-0 loss for Ottawa, pitching the majority of the game, only to be relieved by Mike Lynch in the Second half of the final inning. McGovern gave up the 2 runs on 8 hits, while Lynch pitched the final strikeout of the game. The second game was much closer than the first, and maybe if Cody Mombourquette wasn’t ejected from the game in the 6th inning for desputing a Jim Joyce-like umpire call, the Fat Cats would’ve pulled off the upset.

Next game, Sunday, is a rescheduled game from last weekend vs. the Kitchener Panthers. I bet the Panthers will be thrilled about traveling to Ottawa again..

What’s up Cats’ fans??

Hello and welcome to the unofficial Ottawa Fat Cats blog, the Litter Box. Here, you’ll be able to get all the updates that you need on your Ottawa Fat Cats. Game recaps, trade breaks, all that you can handle about the ‘Cats, all in one blog.

Now, I’m not some professional sports writer or anything of the sort. I was just particularly annoyed at the fact that there was little to no media coverage about the Fat Cats and being the highest level of baseball here in Ottawa, a city of over 1 Million people, why wasn’t there? I thought that a blurb in the Citizen every now and then wasn’t enough.

Now, we’re halfway through the season, and since that hasn’t changed, I’ll try to step up to the plate (pun intended), and run the first ever Fat Cats blog.

Wish me luck, and lets hope that this blog will help turn our team’s fortunes around as well.