Wrong turns

Most of you will know that those attempting to bring Double A baseball to the city were originally presented with a deadline of – pretty much right now. The details surrounding the team were supposed to be coming out around this point.

However significant hurdles have been put in the way of Beacon’s progress. Hurdles that once again have me worried about the future and have taught me a lesson: always be sceptic until something concrete is announced.

The bid to bring professional baseball back to Ottawa is facing long odds after the projected majority owner and one of the big-name minority ownership partners have apparently backed out, the Citizen has learned.

A Texas-based businessman, who was considered the front-runner to finance much of the purchase price of the Double-A Eastern League’s Binghamton Mets and provide a majority of the operating capital for the new Ottawa franchise, is believed to have pulled the plug within the last two weeks for undisclosed reasons.

There was an extension granted a little while ago on the deadline for securing the franchise. I now see why that happened. They need to find a majority owner!

At this point, I would just ditch the 2014 target date. In my opinion, they’re setting themselves out for failure by attempting to go for that. It would give them just over a year to set things up and with a situation like Ottawa’s; I don’t think that’s enough time.

All this depends on whether Beacon will continue on in their trek to save Ottawa baseball. I have sent an email to the Beacon CEO, but he has yet to respond (going to be honest, I’m not really holding my breath). In fact, all Ottawa baseball groups and the Mayor haven’t been able to comment.

Look, I’m a kid. A kid who stumbled upon the Ottawa Lynx in 2007 – the worst possible time for an Ottawan to become a baseball fan. Since that point, around June of that year, I’ve devoted my summers to this sport only to have my adopted team taken away from me 3 times now (Lynx, Rapidz, Fat Cats).

After all the interest the winning Fat Cats team generated, it appeared that we were getting a fresh start and the feeling accompanying that may have been bitter-sweet for obvious reasons, but in the end it was a good one because of the fall-back. Were there flaws in the process that had the Fat Cats getting kicked out of the stadium? Absolutely. However, the one thing that I could fall back on until this point is that there was still baseball in Ottawa’s future.

Now, it appears that we’ve taken the dark and gloomy road. Soon there may be nothing to fall back on and baseball could be gone from this city for good.

That’s not a good feeling.

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