Double-A ownership to be announced in early December

There are reports coming in that work on the pedestrian bridge at Ottawa Stadium has started – the stadium itself should be next

Well, you can apparently throw that last blurb of fearmongering down the drain. New details regarding ownership are coming out over the new Double-A team here in Ottawa.

A recent Ottawa Citizen article reports that baseball’s strikeout king Nolan Ryan is expected to have a stake in Ottawa’s new team. It goes on to claim that we’ll see the entire ownership group announced by Beacon Sports “around December 1st”.

You can bet your house that I’ll be asking the majority owner about the Fat Cats very shortly after the announcement.

This is all good news, but the fight for keeping the stadium isn’t over yet, as EL president Joe McEacharn said that we’ll only see Double-A baseball here if the league is certain that the team can succeed.

Can it? I hope so. There aren’t many doubts in my mind if the team is affiliated with the Jays, but otherwise it’s a toss-up. I’m not so sure that we’ll see the Ottawa Blue Jays either – especially after this news about Ryan’s group. One would think that if Nolan Ryan is involved, one of the team’s that he is connected with would be too. Could we see the Texas Rangers or Houston Astros move their team here? Fairly unlikely, but you never know.

The Jays aren’t ruled out either, however, as Jim Watson wished hinted that we may have the Jays team coming over in this chat with the Ottawa Sun’s Tim Baines.

One thing’s for sure, the sports world is abuzz over the Eastern League’s supposed new addition.


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