Grading the Fat Cats’ in-game promotions

The Tax Man getting his daily exercise (photo courtesy Freedom Photography)

Baseball has always been considered one of the more boring sports by the general community. Now, I don’t agree with that one bit, but you can’t deny that there are certain areas of the game that aren’t exactly pleasing to a fan—for example, the intermissions between innings.

This is something that can’t be avoided as players need to warm up, but that doesn’t mean that organizations can’t try to spice them up, right?

Well, you don’t have to tell that to the Ottawa Fat Cats.

Having lots of spare time in the summer, I figured that I would give some #FatCatsFeedback on the in-game promos that you see at Ottawa Stadium.

Dizzy Bat Race

This one is possibly the most entertaining promo of the whole lot because of the obvious troubles that the 2 participants have getting to the finish line after spinning around a bat for 10 seconds. There really isn’t much to improve with this one. You need almost nothing to run it and it gives the crowd a good laugh. My only suggestion is to wait a couple innings and then find the intoxicated fans for mass hilarity.

Grade: A-

Concession Race

Ah yes, the concession race. I suppose Grape has to win something, right?

The Fat Cats appear to love humiliating their fans, as those inflatable things that you’re supposed to race on look absolutely impossible to move. Either way, it’s another event that provides a good deal of entertainment for the fans. Especially when we see one of the participants face plant. I also can’t help but chuckle every time I hear boos coming from the crowd when beer is not announced as one of the 3 possible half-price concession items.

Grade: B+

Grape Race

It’s the classic beat-the-mascot-around-the-bases promo! One of the problems with this one is that it’s only entertaining for the people who are at the games for the first time. Season ticket holders and regulars can turn a blind eye pretty quickly when it’s time for the race, because it gets pretty repetitive.

I guess it’s mainly for the kids. Besides, who doesn’t love seeing a mascot lose/get frustrated? I also like the way that they get the players involved with this one. I’d love to see Coker or Charrette just full out tackle Grape over one of these days.

Grade: B

Tax Man

I love the Tax Man. Promos at semi-pro games really don’t get any better than this. It’s not only original and makes for a good time, but it also requires almost no setup. The cleanup is a different story, unfortunately.

Taking another look at it from a different perspective, this has also got to make the Fat Cats a bit of coin. The tennis balls either cost $1 or $2—can’t remember off the top of my head—but for the amount of balls thrown on the field every game, they’ve likely made a significant amount from it.

It’s especially fun for me, because I get a good shot at pegging Mike (yes, the Tax Man has a name) in the head.

Grade: A+

The in-game promos don’t stop there either, as I only listed a couple of them. Little interactions with the fans in the stands such as Tweeting Trivia are nice additions, but there are also some that have struck out in my book, mainly Pirate Adventures. Not sure that many people care for pirate impersonations and the like. Maybe it’s just me, though. I never really liked pirates as a little guy.

You can see these promos in action this weekend vs Brantford and give them your own grades if you’re looking for some way to keep busy between innings.

    • Kevin
    • July 20th, 2012

    Dizzy bat race is the best and I agree with the drinking part. Last game I was at they chose the mid-20s lads behind me who had been drinking the whole game. One guy landed into the dugout mesh and ended up talking to the one of the Fat Cats.

    As for the Concession Race, unfortunately it is fixed so I would rate that one a lot lower. I always sit close to the gate where they enter so I hear the ‘low down’.

    All in all, it’s still a great time for one and all. Just get rid of that ‘Dance for your dinner’ stuff. 🙂

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