Ryan Eakin’s Q&A with IBL player Glenn Jackson

Road trip recap coming up shortly, but in the mean time I figured that a few of you would be interested in this, as I certainly am. Ryan Eakin from the IBL fan page on Facebook recently did a Q&A with former Barrie Baycat and current Toronto Maple Leaf, Glenn Jackson and offered it up for the blog. It gives you a good inside look on how an IBL player thinks and goes about his business. Enjoy!

1. I’m sure you have had many great teammates in the past. What teammate did you enjoy playing with the most?

Well, you’re right, I have played with a lot of great players and teammates and many of them made an impact on my game both mentally and physically. In all honesty there isn’t one person – I would have to say it was certain teams I played with. My high school team during my senior year of High School at Northern Secondary School in 2000-2001, East York Junior Ball Club in 99-2000, Freshman Year of College in 2001-2002 at Barton County Community College and my Bantam team at 13.

2. How hard is it to have a job while playing in the IBL? How do you manage it?

It can be tough at times, but I do it because I love it. Having a job within Baseball helps and a great manager that understands is a big plus too. The key is sleep, eating well and taking care of your bumps and bruises as the week rolls on. Being with the Jays, my days fly especially when the Jays are in town and I have a game that same night.

3. How do you get yourself pumped up for games? (Food, Music, etc.)

I have my own routine. I find that I use a lot of self-motivation, essentially finding the little things that pump me up and keep me focused every at bat and in the field. I like to listen to certain music on my way to the game to get me going as well.

4. What went wrong last year in the Barrie/Ottawa series? Did you guys run into a hot team? Had a bad few games or was it a clubhouse problem? (They wanted it more?)

First off, best lineup we had in my 6 years there. I think we ran into a team that was hot and we essentially were not unfortunately. I think there are a couple things you can look back on but that is what sticks out to me personally. Could we have done something’s differently, yes, but you have to go with what you trust and I think we did that. In the end, you have to tip your cap to them and know that hey, if you’re not ready you will be beat.

5. How does Toronto run their team compared to the Baycats?

Two different teams and how they go about running their organizations. Both do a great job and do their best to help the players and accommodate us whether it be driving, food or the little things you need like cleats or new pants – you appreciate that as time goes on. In the end both of them have one goal in mind and that is too win which you like as you enter the dirty 30’s.

You can follow Ryan on twitter here.

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