Scratching Post #2: Fat Cats should be confident ahead of Kitchener series

[Carlos Verde chimes in with his second post as part of the Scratching Post series. Short, but sweet.]

Despite a 1-3 start, the FatCats should still feel confident ahead of this weekend’s home opening series against Kitchener and here are three reasons why:

1) Josh Soffer has proven himself to be a dependable reliever, he will bounce back this year to once again be one of the FatCats’ best relievers. As for MacDonald-Wilson and Boisvert, we’ll see. The relief shouldn’t blow more than one game this weekend.

2) Offense. The offense has been productive throughout the first two weeks of the season, and imports Kevin Dietrich and Jason Coker have showed that they have the ability to carry this team offensively this year. They should tee off as they did in Kitchener off of the Panthers’ iffy pitching.

3) Starters. Brandon Huffman has clearly been the best pitcher for the FatCats to this point. In his two starts, he has dominated some of the best line-ups in the IBL. Strikeouts, strikeouts, and more strikeouts. Marc-Andre Major, despite my qualms about his control, will give you five solid if unspectacular innings almost every start. This kind of consistency from their starters (most likely McGovern, Huffman, and Major this weekend, though not in that order) will lead them to a 2-1 or even sweep series win over the Panthers.
The FatCats will probably ride the crowd on Saturday night, and should beat the Panthers on Saturday, most likely with import ace Brandon Huffman, who has been dominant in his first two starts, on the mound. Expect Matt McGovern to make his first start of the year. LaDale Hayes should blossom offensively at some point this weekend.

Realistically, the ‘Cats will most likely go 2-1 on the weekend, as they are a better team than Kitchener, but the bullpen worries me.

    • Pierre
    • May 19th, 2012

    I’m curious. Why do you say McGovern will start this weekend? You have inside information?

    KItchener has the best offense so far. They’ve only played two games however. But some numbers are impressive like five homers. The Fat Cats are near the bottom offensively. Kitchener has a team ERA of 6.00 but so do three other teams, including Ottawa who have allowed 7 homers despite a low opponents batting average.

    • Pierre
    • May 23rd, 2012

    Well, you had one thing right. Huffman dominated again. The bullpen was great with just 4 earned runs in 16 innings. The defense was horrible and cost the last two games.

    Exciting weekend with something happening in each game: the brouhaha (my daughter’s favorite word so I use it whenever I can) on Saturday, a triple play on Sunday (the first I ever witnessed live) and the come back on Monday only to fall short in extras.

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