New Promotion confirms the return of the Fat Cats next season!!

Hey, fans. Quick update here..

The Ottawa Fat Cats announced their “Guaranteed Winning Weekend” promotion yesterday afternoon. Here’s the deal:

The Ottawa Fat Cats have announced a “Guaranteed Winning Weekend” for Ottawa Fat Cat fans who purchase online tickets for games 3 and 4 this weekend at Ottawa Stadium. With a loss in either game three or four, fans who purchased their tickets for both games online at will receive a season pass for the 2012 season, a value of $199.00 per adult ticket.

When I read this, the first thing that caught my eye was not the the season ticket giveaway itself, but when the Fat Cats were giving them away. I commented on the post asking if this meant that they would be returning next season.

Their reply?

“Michael, yes we will be back and looking forward to it already”

This is great news, and I’m just as ecstatic as all other Fat Cats fans about this announcement! Our team has lived to fight another day. Hopefully this means that we have swayed the city on the future of baseball in this city and that we’ll no longer have to fight for one-year lease after one-year lease.

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