Busy Weekend for Fat Cats

INF LaDale Hayes

This past week has certainly been a busy one, not just for the players on the field, but for the hard-working front office of the Fat Cats, as well. Ottawa played 3 games this weekend, and they almost managed a 4th as well on Friday vs. Brantford. Off the field, GM Duncan MacDonald made his first mid-season signing of 2011, with many more following. Let’s get to the signings first, shall we?

MacDonald signed LaDale Hayes, who has played pro up until now, on Thursday. Last season, he played for the Evansville Otters of the Frontier League. He pitched last year, but can play in the field as well. The Fat Cats’ roster has him down as an infielder, so I’m assuming that that is where he will play for the majority of the time.

This is a good signing for the Fat Cats. Not only will he bring some professional play to Cats games, but he’ll bring experience as well. Great signing, and I look forward to seeing Hayes in action myself. He already has brewed up a .313 average at the plate in a few games. Not to shabby.

Ottawa made some more signings and releases yesterday… here’s a rundown (from here)

Ottawa signs Ivan Cherwinski, Kyle O’Brien, Kevin Gamble and Matthew Sauve

Ottawa releases Michael Lynch, Taylor Frederick and Tyler Dale

Onto game action, where the Fat Cats had 3 match-ups last weekend, coming out successfully in the 2 most important games. However, the one loss really stung the Fat Cats. A marathon game vs. the Brantford Red Sox went into 16 innings. The Fat Cats almost played 2 full 9 inning games at Arnold Anderson Stadium on Friday night.

Jason Gotwalt got the game winning RBI for Brantford, while Lee Delfino was the one who touched base at home. Brett Sabourin and Josh Soffer spilt the game for Ottawa, each playing 7 innings and a bit. LaDale Hayes also pitched briefly for Ottawa. This loss was probably good for the Fat Cats in the end. It gave the team a little adversity to battle through.

This loss definitely did help the team headed into the weekend in Ottawa. The Cats dusted off the 1st place London Majors again, shutting them out 8-0 on Saturday. Matt McGovern pitched a complete game, only allowing 5 hits. He shined on the mound and it was arguably the best ever performance by a Fat Cat pitcher. At the plate, Kyle Barclay and Mark Charette had 2 RBIs each. The only down side to this game was that only 723 people were on hand to see the win… I’d give us fans a free pass this time around, though. The forecast called for rain.

The 2nd game vs. the Majors proved to test the Fat Cats a little more. They still won the game, and completed the sweep, but only by a 5-4 margin. Soffer saved the day on the mound, just days after pitching almost all the extra innings vs. the Red Sox. A valiant effort from a player who has really stepped up his game this year. Ottawa only needed one RBI to win the game… London’s fielding helped the Fat Cats with 4 errors. Gotta love IBL baseball. London actually had more RBIs than Ottawa. Chris Chambers had 2.

Next weekend, Ottawa plays Barrie in what should be a great 3 game series. Barrie is a strong club, and Ottawa is on a hot streak, looking to climb up the standings and gain a home field advantage going into the playoffs. I know how I’ll be spending my Canada Day weekend (and it’s not with William and Kate)!

The IBL trade/signing deadline is also near, so expect some more signings from the Cats as well.

    • Pierre
    • June 28th, 2011

    LaDale for some reason is listed as an infielder but he seems slated to play right field. Maybe he can play some infield positions too. He made a great catch in the outfield on Sunday.

    I actually had a chance to talk to him in the restaurant after the game. Very personable young man. Look at that face and smile, how can you not like him? Seems his dad was in the forces and born in Hawaii while stationed there. He’s been in a lot of places but said this was first time in Canada and he just loves Ottawa.

    • Sound like a great guy. He’s definitely going to help this team on the field, and it sounds like he’s great in the locker room as well.

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