What’s In Store for This Season?

The Ottawa Fat Cats’ season got under way this afternoon in Burlington, where the Cats defeated the Burlington Twins 7-4 on the road. Ottawa may have had this game in the bag, but can we say the same thing for the rest of the season? In this post, I’ll discuss Ottawa’s new players, who will be returning, and more. I’ll also throw together an update on the blog format for this season, and what to expect from me.

OFC GM Duncan MacDonald has acquired 3 import players from the Southern United States, including C  Rick Howroyd Jr., INF Clae Mathis and OF Kevin Deitrich. Mathis and Deitrich were in the studio at the TEAM 1200 a few days ago, with Lee Versage, who interrogated the 2 Southeasterners for about 20 minutes on his show. Both players seem fairly excited to be in Ottawa and play in front of some “great crowds” for the summer. I’m glad that they acknowledged baseball’s following here, on a fairly major sports radio station(as their team’s future is in doubt).

MacDonald also signed some local players. LHP Jordan Kritsch, LHP Tyler Robinson, RHP William Sebastien, C Travis Murdock and OF Mathieu Joly. Sebastien played for the Gatineau Attack AAA  last season, and posted an ERA of 1.10 on the mound. For those of you who are unaware, that’s pretty damn good. I definitely look forward to seeing these new players from the area, and abroad, performing at the Stadium.

Some notable returns include Cody Mombourquette, who was arguably the Fat Cats’ best player last season. The man that puts the “arguably” in front of the “best player” moniker that Mombo has here, is Matt McGovern. McGovern played every position on the field last year, except for (correct me if I’m wrong) 2nd base and Catcher. His versatility makes him a huge asset for the Cats. Joe Stone is a another notable return. He wasn’t always in the starting lineup for Ottawa, but that didn’t stop him from coming within a few shots of leading the league in home runs.

Duncan MacDonald had a lot more time to make up his team this year, and while there are many returning players.. a new Manager and Assistant Coach (Tim Nelson and former Fat Cat, Rudy Vallejos); plus 8 new faces gives the Cats a completely different look from the last place team that played out of Ottawa Stadium last summer. Let’s hope for an appearance in the playoffs in September. If the Cats do get out of last place, it will be the first Ottawa-based team to do so, since the 2006 Ottawa Lynx.

Before I go, I’d like to give an update regarding this blog, just to keep you Litter Box-ians (help me think of a better name to call you guys in the comments!) in the loop. I am very busy with school at the moment, and will not be updating the blog on a daily or likely on a weekly basis until about the middle of June. At that time, I will resume updating the blog, but not with reports from single games, until the playoffs critical parts of the season. I’ll likely bunch a few games into one post at the end of 1 or 2 weeks, and have opinion articles and updates in the mean time.

I’d like to thank you all for reading. Until next time, Go Fat Cats!!!

    • Eric
    • June 21st, 2011

    Nice blog, keep the posts coming !

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