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Welcome Back

Hey there, Cats fans! It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me here at The Litter Box, but don’t worry.. I’m not dead. In fact, today I would like to let the Fat Cat Nation stay informed. Here is what the Blog’s plans are for the  first few months of the 2011 IBL season.

Yes, the Fat Cats are sticking around for another season. The IBL is getting set to unfreeze their team rosters, and release the 2011 Schedule. When they do, I’ll give that some coverage and analysis. I’m still undecided on the blog’s set up for this upcoming year. Should I do game recaps more often, or lean more to my $0.02, and attempt at more opinion posts?

If you have a suggestion, or something that you think would make the blog better, don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. I’m not worried about you guys, though. I’ve found my readers to be very opinionated over the last year, which is something I really like.

I have one thing that I’d like to address before I leave for now… and that is about my exams. I am a High School student, which mean I will obviously have exams at the end of this year.. 7 of them, to be exact. This goes without saying that in May and June, you will most definitely see a shortage of posts, due to my head being buried in books for that entire time. However, once those are over with–most likely around mid June–things should get back to normal on the blog.

Baseball season is coming back, Cats fans! Are you as excited as I am?