Leafs dust off Fat Cats to end Inaugural Season

There was a whole bunch of questions leading up to the game earlier this afternoon at Christie Pits. Would the Toronto Maple Leafs take 1st Place overall? Would the Fat Cats stay alive? Could this be Ottawa’s last game ever? While most of those questions were answered, it was far from what the Fat Cats had hoped for.

Toronto came into this game looking to grab 1st Place in the IBL back from the Brantford Red Sox, however they would have to do it against an Ottawa Fat Cats team with their backs against the wall.

Things didn’t go well for Ottawa in the first few innings, as they didn’t seem to realize that they were playing baseball. They couldn’t manage a hit in the 1st 2 innings of the game, and the only man who got on base for them, was Eitan Maoz on balls. On the other side of the picture, Kern Watts and Rob Gillis scored on a few RBI’s, and it was quickly 2-0 Leafs.

Ottawa didn’t quit though, and after a Kyle Barclay RBI in the 3rd, and a nightmare of a 4th from Toronto’s standpoint, it was all tied up.

However, as the game went on from there, Ottawa lost their touch. A few errors in the 5th and a Kern Watts home run didn’t exactly help, as Toronto took a 5-2 lead. All I could do was watch helplessly from an Ottawa Stadium Box on a TV monitor during today’s Quebec – Pittsfield game.

The Final Score was 10-3 Toronto, and the Fat Cats season was over.

This game featured 13 total runs, and a staggering 25 hits. As you could imagine, the offense was pretty spread out. 5 Fat Cats managed 2 hits in this game, but going by RBIs, Mark Charrette and Kyle Barclay led the Ottawa O. Barclay had 2 RBIs and no runs scored, but Charrette managed to score a run as well as driving one in. Mark had a great 2nd half of the season for Ottawa and boosted up his average in the last few games.

For the Leafs, it was the Kern Watts show. He scored 3 runs on 3 hits, including a Home Run. It really was his afternoon.

So the Inaugural Season for the Ottawa Fat Cats ends with more questions than answers. It was certainly a successful one at the Box Office, as we beat out every single CanAM team, except for Quebec in Attendance. On the field, I’d say that it was a win as well. The Cats faired a lot better than most people thought they would, and unlike their predecessor (Rapidz), they didn’t spend the whole year in last place.

The future seems bright for this franchise, and if we do stick around, I would definitely watch out if I were other IBL teams.  I really do hope that the recent rumors going around are completely baseless, and that the Fat Cats will stick around.

This blog will remain active in the offseason, but posts won’t come as frequently, as one would only imagine. If any new developments come about in this latest drama, I’ll be sure to update you all about it. Expect some other posts as well.

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