Are the Fat Cats Playoff Bound?

My vacation ended today, and while it was a good one, I still missed blogging. Now that I’m back in the 613, it’s time to get crackin’. I’m sure that many of you have seen the results of the Weekend’s doubleheaders that took place at Ottawa Stadium, but in case you haven’t, I’ll run through them.

Saturday was a good day to say the least. Ottawa ran right over the 6th Place, London Majors, 3-0 and 3-1. The two wins weren’t blowouts, but we still took ’em without any complaints, since the Cats really needed everything that they could dig out of the old Grab Bag last weekend.

A win vs. London definitely took Ottawa’s confidence up to another level. For one of the first times ever, the Fat Cats had a winning record in the Last 10 games that they played. Not only that, but pretty much everything was gelling for Ottawa at the right time. Fielding was great, the batters had found the ball again, and the Pitching definitely passed all tests. Best of all, the next day they were playing the only team that was actually worse then them on paper, the Hamilton Thunderbirds. At least a series split was pretty much guaranteed, right?


We seemed to forget that the Birds always bring their A-game to Ottawa. Actually, Hamilton hasn’t been playing like the last place team at all lately. Too bad the Fat Cats don’t check Pointstreak every now and then. Anyways, yeah, we did lose both games. Both were fairly close, but in the end, a loss is a loss.

Game one was probably the most intense game of the year. Every single run was scored in the 8th Inning. A start that was full of tension, and an ending that was fueled by nerves. The nerves of the near-3,200 people watching the game just off of Coventry Road in Vanier. However, the final score ended up being 3-2 Hamilton.

Game 2 of the DH was started by the same pitcher who got the win in game 1, Nick Fasulo. Remarkably, he would get yet another one in an 8-6 T-Birds win. It’s fairly rare that a pitcher will start and win 2 games in a row. This Sunday was a disaster for the Fat Cats–who may have played their final game at home until June of 2011–and a dream for the Thunderbirds. Hamilton has climbed their way into a position that I believe that Ottawa would rather be in.

Currently, the Thunderbirds are half a game behind Ottawa, but have 4 games to play, compared to Ottawa’s 2. Crap. Since the Thunderbirds are on a “mini-roll”, if you will, they could win those 2 extra games easily. Ottawa is basically on the outside looking in, and it’s not a good sign when your team is thanking fans for supporting them over the season on their Facebook page, before the year actually ends.

As you can likely tell from what I’ve just said, the Fat Cats pretty much have to win their final 2 regular season games, coming against Barrie and Toronto. What’s the dilemma here? Toronto is placed 2nd in the Standings, while the Baycats are 3rd. To be fair, though, Ottawa has been playing better baseball than the Baycats as of late. We could steal a win against them, and since our backs are against the wall, you never know what will go on vs. the Leafs. This is the same Leafs that we beat 20-1, after all.

Our bats will have to be at their best, and Bill MacKenzie will also have to choose carefully when picking out his starters and bullpen on the Mound. I’m hoping to see the heads on Desclouds, Richard, Staniewicz, Barnes and McGovern. Don’t fool around in the playoffs, kids.

Both of the final games will certainly be well-contested, there’s no doubt about that. However the reality of it all is that the Fat Cats chances of making the Playoffs, rest in the hands of the Hamilton Thunderbirds. I don’t see Hamilton missing a beat in their 4 remaining games, but let’s just hope that they turn out to be the San Jose Sharks of the IBL, if you catch my drift.

    • Mike
    • July 16th, 2010

    “Game 2 of the DH was started by the same pitcher who got the win in game 1, Nick Fasulo. Remarkably, he would get yet another one in an 8-6 T-Birds win. It’s fairly rare that a pitcher will start and win 2 games in a row.”

    That’s because that didn’t happen.

    Game 1 was started by Ryan Van Spronsen, who was relieved by NINO (not Nick) Fasulo. Fasulo picked up the win in relief.

    Game 2 was started by Matt Martinow, who was relieved by Ryan Noack, Mike Fortuna, Fasulo who picked up a 2nd win in relief in game 2, and Jordell Farquharson who got the save.

    • Oh.

      Sorry about that… I got my info for those games from Pointstreak, which can be quite confusing.

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