..on Vacation

This really is the worst possible time to go on Vacation, isn’t it? The Fat Cats are going into what probably is the most important weekend of the season, and I won’t be able to cover it on The Litter Box.

Don’t worry though, I will return to the Bytown on the 14th with a semi-recap, semi-analysis of the weekend DH’s coming up.

Somebody better head out to the park for me!

    • Julia
    • July 6th, 2010

    Enjoy the vacation! have been reading your posts with great interest, keep up the good work!

    • Pierre
    • July 11th, 2010

    Too bad you’re on vacation. You missed two great games.

    In the opener, Matt McGovern pitched the best game of the year by blanking the Majors 3-0 on five little singles. That’s the first shutout ever for the Cats. We scored a run in each of the first three innings and Matt was able to hold London off the board, although it was close in the 7th. With two outs and a guy on second, a ball hit to Dale at second is bobbled for an error. The runner, having made it to third, then decided to make a run for home and was put out. Game over.

    The Cats won the second game 3-1 as David Barnes also pitches a complete game giving up just four hits, no walks.

    Ottawa put another game between them and Hamilton whom they face in a double-header tomorrow. A combination of five Fat Cats wins or Hamilton losses guarantees the last playoff spot.

    • Yeah, it really is too bad that I’m away… I did catch some of the games on good ol’ Pointstreak, though.

      We’re really picking up our play at the right time. Our fielding has greatly improved, and Pitching isn’t bad either. Barnes has been stellar when he plays.. sounds like he had another great game. The one thing that I’m worried about, is if the T-Birds are taken lightly. Don’t think that’ll happen because of our last game vs. them, but it’s always a lingering thought in my head that it may happen.

      How is Attendance this weekend? I’ve heard that it’ been hot up there.. hope that didn’t effect it too too much.

    • Pierre
    • July 12th, 2010

    Another great day on Sunday although we lost both games.

    Desclouds and Van Spronsen battled to a scoreless tie through seven in the first game. Thunderbirds scored first run in 8th on a bloop single. They added a couple more but the Cats came back falling just one short, ending 3-2

    The second game ended in disappointment. We were ahead 6-0 going into the 7th. Tyler Durward had given up just one hit – to the first hitter in the game. After one out, the Thunderbirds just got hit after hit. They managed to tie the score. So into extra innings we went again. Hamilton scored two and that was it.

    Attendances: 1943 and 3111.

    Magic number to make playoffs: 5. Hamilton has 6 games left to play, three of them makeup games. Don’t know when they’ll play those but I think they have to play them by Sunday, the last day of regular season. Two of scheduled games are against Kitchener, the other against Brantford. So there’s pressure for them to win two games at least to tie the Cats at the moment, three to make the playoffs.

    Meanwhile, the Fat Cats have games in Barrie and Toronto. A win yesterday would have put less pressure on them, more on Hamilton. I don’t know the rules if there are ties. I know there’d have to be a tie-breaker but not where it would be played (coin toss?)

    • Augh… out of all teams in the IBL…

      This is going to be one helluva playoff battle that I don’t want to miss. Coming home in two days, so a post about this weekend should be up on Wednesday-Thursday.

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