Ottawa Makes Statement, beat Red Sox for the First Time

The Ottawa Fat Cats came into this game with a purpose. That purpose was to win, and that they did. A 14 hit effort from Ottawa’s sluggers and stellar fielding, got the job done and the Cats managed to hold off the 2nd Place, Red Sox with a 9-6 win.

Despite the loss, the Red Sox got off to a good start early. The former Ottawa Lynx (that’s right, he played AAA), Josh McCurdy scored off the second at-bat from 2nd Base. After that however, Fat Cats Starter David Steffler closed out the Inning quickly. In the bottom half, it was much of the same story. The Cats got off to a rocket fast start, making Sox Starter, Steve Murray look silly.

The first 3 batters got on base for the Fat Cats, and after a Mombourquette Double RBI that scored Jon Dale, David Valesente pounded one out as well, that led in Kyle Barclay and Mombo to score. The Cats can really be a dominant team at the plate when they’re on their game, and this afternoon, they proved it.

Eitan Maoz, who was playing 1st base in this game, capitalized on an error by Steve Murray to get onto 1st. He would later score the only run in the second inning, off of a Jon Dale RBI. Dale led the Ottawa Offense in this game, going 3-for-4, which is pretty impressive by the 2nd Basemen’s standards.

All was going well in the 3rd, until David Steffler called the Catcher Dan Baribeau to the mound. It seemed that he was favoring his right hand. Soon after the conference had started, Manager MacKenzie came jogging over to see what the goes on was. Steffler was taken out of the game and his injury replacement, was Danny Desclouds.

Desclouds (3-4) struggled to find the Strike Zone early, but would eventually even out, and throw 4 KO’s during his time on the mound and get credit for the Win. Brantford did take advantage of Danny’s early struggles, though. They scored 2 in the 5th, and narrowed the Ottawa lead down to 4-3.

Both teams plastered one unearned run onto the scoreboard for themselves, but the Ottawa run by Mark Charrette was hardly unearned. After advancing to first off of an error by the Brantford defense, Charrette stole both 2nd and 3rd base, before Kyle Barclay brought him home.

The score remained 5-4 for Ottawa into the later stages of the ball game. Cody Mombo came up big for Ottawa in this game, playing a crucial part at the offensive end, while anchoring the outfield as well. He went 3-for-5 on the day. Joe Stone and Eitan Maoz put up similar numbers, going 2-for-4. The Red Sox’s Bryon Bell was held off of the scoresheet for the most part. After his grand slam yesterday, the Ottawa Pitchers played him quite timidly. The only time that he got on base was a walk, which he scored on.

Also struggling for the Sox, was Hyung Cho. He put up a putrid 0-for-10 on the weekend, popping up and grounding out frequently.

In the 7th Inning, I’m sure that the Red Sox knew that they had to act fast if they wanted a chance in this game. Now, I don’t know who put what in Brantford’s water, but something must’ve happened, because they exploded…. with errors in the bottom of the Inning. Jon Dale, Kyle Barclay and Joe Stone all scored off of Sox botches. Brantford ended up with an uncharacteristically bad 6 errors at the end of this game.

After Ottawa opened up their lead to 3 runs in the Top of the 8th, Brantford’s Adrian Kerr popped up. As 1st Basemen, Eitan Moaz hovered over the ball waiting to make the easy out, Kerr plowed right into him causing Maoz to drop the ball, but Kerr wasn’t called out. An error was then given to Maoz. The TV Commentators were going over the replay, making remarks such as, “Ohhh yeah… they may have clipped legs right there..”. I guess we’re lucky that this was an Ottawa based broadcast, or we wouldn’t have even seen a replay, and would’ve had to listen to “what a GRREAT running play!!” that Kerr made.

Wayne Forman scored off of that error by Maoz, but that would be all that the Red Sox were limited to, as Ottawa came out with a convincing voctory, of 9-6 over one of the IBL’s Powerhouses. It was a great performance by the Fat Cats, and a big statement was made earlier this afternoon that MacKenzie and Ottawa aren’t going to settle for 8th Place.

Guelph is the current 7th Place team, who just finished brushing off the Toronto Maple Leafs, 14-0. Message sent.

It will be an exiting cap off of the 2010 IBL Regular Season, as Ottawa battles with Hamilton and London this weekend in doubleheaders from Ottawa Stadium, then will travel to Barrie and Toronto to finish the Season in the next few weeks.

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