Bryon Bell Stars w/ Grand Slam, Red Sox beat Fat Cats 10-1

RHP Matt McGovern

The Ottawa Fat Cats seemed pretty confident going into their game against the 2nd-Place, Brantford Red Sox earlier tonight. They had come off of a doubleheader win vs. the Guelph Royals.

The problem was, that against Guelph, the Royals were pitiful on the defensive end, and all the Fat Cats really had to do, was wait for the Royals to make another error or mistake and then capitalize on it.

Don’t get me wrong, Ottawa played very well against Guelph, but see, the Brantford Red Sox aren’t the Guelph Royals.

The Sox are a very good fielding team who rarely make errors, plus they can be very dangerous at the plate when their sluggers get hot. So, when Ottawa tried to wait for the Sox to make a mistake instead of putting in some effort, they got burned. Hard.

Brantford’s fielding was great all night, and while they did get a couple of errors of the board against them, they still made up for those by cashing in on most of the double play chances that they got, and more. They caught the Cats off-guard heading into this game.

That is how the Sox got off to such a great start. Ottawa’s Starting Pitcher, Matt McGovern, had an off day to say the least today as well. I am pretty positive that McGovern’s off day didn’t help the Fat Cats.  The first 2 batters of the game, Josh McCurdy and Tyler Burnell singled out to 1st, and Burnell ended up leading in 2 runs in that Inning off of a Bryon Bell RBI.

McGovern’s play didn’t get much better in the 2nd. His improved fielders bailed him out, when the Sox had 2 men in scoring position, but he obviously couldn’t luck out forever. After the 2nd, I would’ve taken him out of the game, since it obviously wasn’t his day. Danny Desclouds, Mike Lynch, David Barnes or Joel Richard could’ve stepped in right then and there to calm things down.

However, MacKenzie let McGovern stay in the game, and after a few hits, walks and errors let the bases load, the Sox’s DH Bryon Bell, stepped up to the plate and absolutely pounded the 3-1 Pitch from McGovern passed the right-field wall and the service road behind it, for a Grand Slam to make it a 6-0 game. The Red Sox cheering section went ballistic.

You’d think that at that point, Matty McGovern’s day would be over, but only then did the Cats’ Manager send a few pitchers out to the Bullpen. When it was announced that Tyler Durward was one of the two men warming up, I prayed that game action would instead be saved for Zach Staniewicz, and it was. Staniewicz cleaned up the garbage that had been spread around, and the disaster that was the 5th was over.

More runs scored from both sides, however the damage has been done earlier and much like in previous games that the Cats had recently partaken in, it was all Swedish, no Finish (Please excuse my attempt at a pun). While the Cats did lose by a whopping 10-1, they actually had more hits than the Red Sox. The Cats had 12, and the Sox had 11. Like I said earlier, we just couldn’t find the exclamation point. Among the sluggers for Ottawa today was David Valesente.

Valesente has been cozying his way into the Ottawa lineup, and now that he’s nice and comfortable, Davy’s really been delivering. 3 for 3 tonight, and a .467 average puts him way out in front, for the team lead in Batting Average. We may have to look out for the name “Valesente” on a Major-League affiliate sometime soon. He improving rapidly.

Also having good games were Joe Stone and Mark Charrette. Mark hasn’t been having the greatest season, but he really performed well tonight, on what just-so-happens to be his birthday. Happy Birthday, Mark! Just forget about the tag out at 1st in the 8th.

In other Fat Cats news, the Cats released RHP, Jose Aquino a few days ago. The former Quebec Capitale never saw any game action with the Cats. Next game for Ottawa, is tomorrow afternoon at 1PM vs the Red Sox at the Stadium.

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