BREAKING NEWS (to me, anyway..): Fat Cats actually have acquired Eitan Maoz

Contrary to what I had said in my last post, it seems that the Ottawa Fat Cats’ GM, Duncan MacDonald, had used the Doubleheader against the Mississauga Twins a few days ago as a chance to scout the Twins. The day that the Cats’ got walked over by the Toronto Maple Leafs, MacDonald acquired the Twins’ catcher Eitan Maoz for future considerations.

This seems like a fairly nice acquisition. The one thing that it makes sure of, is that Dan Baribeau won’t be getting much playing time, and will pretty much assume the role that Rudy Vallejos had filled, up to just recently. Maoz would become Ottawa’s Backup Catcher, second in line to Marsh.

With Missy up to now, Eitan Maoz has displayed an average of .233, including 1 home run and 10 hits. One interesting note, is that Maoz played a vital role in keeping Ottawa “in the game” if you will, against the Leafs on Sunday. He put an RBI on the scoreboard for Ottawa a few times, as well as 2 hits.

Earlier today, the Cats’ also announced the release of 1B, Matt Sauve. He had 5 hits on 32 at bats this year, however I really liked him on the field. He was one of the stronger members of Ottawa’s basemen and had no errors this year.

So tell me, Ottawa, who will play 1st Base for the Fat Cats for the rest of the campaign?

I’m thinking that Chris Latimer will assume starting duties, while Marshall MacDonald or possibly Maoz, Baribeau, McGovern, or one of the outfielders could sub in every now and then. I’m pretty sure that that is what MacKenzie will do. I doubt that he wants players like Dan Baribeau and Tony Farago to rot on the bench.

On another peculiar note, Zach Staniewicz has been moved to Ottawa’s pitching staff from the outfield. Mombo is taking his place in the outfield. Yet another crucial part of the fairly successful Ottawa Infield has been moved. We will have to see how this new lineup performs against the Guelph Royals on Canada Day. The Royals are only one position ahead of the Fat Cats in the standings, so this should be a fun match-up.

    • Pierre
    • June 29th, 2010

    I’m a big believer in catcher’s ERA, something I realized from a comment from the radio broadcaster during an Expos game (might have been Jacques Doucet) about Micheal Barrett about ten years ago.

    Doing the best manual compiling I could from the boxscores, MacDonald has caught most games. The team went 5-13 when he did (so obviously 1-7 when he didn’t). His catcher’s ERA is 5.24 while the team is 6.75, a run and half higher.

    Levac caught three games, his first was the 20-1 win against Toronto. Steffler started that game. However, he lost the next two he caught, his CERA is 6.16.

    Baribeau caught two games, CERA: 5.79

    Maoz caught both games in Toronto on Sunday, CERA is 17.25

    The other game was caught by O’Brien. His CERA is 19.50.

    My research into this showed that when a pitcher has a catcher he is not familiar with, he doesn’t fare as well usually. A few major leaguers insisted on always having the same catcher: Steve Carlton, Greg Maddux. They felt confortable with them.

    A game or two is not statistically significant but is Maoz the answer? He caught Lynch on Sunday, not our best pitcher, but they gave up 8 earned runs in less than one inning. McGovern had an ERA of about four. He gave up 7 in 4 with Maoz. Same story with Durward. With Maoz, his ERA ballooned to 5.50

    With the Twins, he caught two games, including a Fat Cats 5-1 win. His CERA is 6.00 with them. The team ERA is 4.02. Makes you wonder.

    With Baribeau catching, Sabourin gave up all his earned runs. He obviously did better with MacDonald, although he has hardly pitched. Vallejos was listed as a catcher but never played that position. He DH’ed with two games at first.

    If you were the manager, what would you do? Me, I’d leave Marshall as our regular and only catcher. Levac or Baribeau can be the backup.

    • Pierre
    • June 29th, 2010

    Oh, obviously Valesente should be the new regular first baseman and Farago the regular DH. The lineup should be, if I was manager:

    Stone, RF
    Mombo, SS
    Farago, DH
    Neill, CF
    MacDonald, C
    Barclay, LF
    Dale, 2B
    McGovern, 3B
    Valensente, 1B

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