Leafs Climbing up the Standings, brush off the Fat Cats

Christie Pits - "The Dungeon"

In case your wondering about the nickname that I’ve given the home of the Toronto Maple Leafs in the photo to the left of this text, please let me elaborate.

Just one month ago, the Ottawa Fat Cats were part of a game for the record books at Ottawa Stadium. They played the same Toronto Maple Leafs team that they played this afternoon, and absolutely pulverized them. The Cats swept the doubleheader by winning 20-1 and 5-3.

Now, as I said earlier, those wins for Ottawa came just one month and a few days ago. The only differences between the games earlier this afternoon and the ones that day in May, were a few roster changes, and the location of the games.

However, the results completely changed. The Toronto Maple Leafs must’ve had that DH Sweep at the hands of Ottawa, fresh at the front of their minds. They walked all over the Fat Cats, winning 9-2 and 17-2. Apparently, the Cats’ take Christie Pits as an intimidating ballpark.

Kern Watts kicked off the scoring for Toronto in the Bottom of the 1st, almost directly after Drew Taylor and the Leafs’ fielding put out 3 Ottawa Batters. That was his 1st of 2 hits in the ball game. Raul Borjas contributed in the 1st as well, also adding 2 RBI’s to the stat count later in the game. Him and Dan Gibbons were the only ones that managed 2 RBI’s on both teams.

The result after the first inning was a 3-0 TO lead, and this offensive performance from the Leafs was repeated again in the next inning, and in the next.

In no time, Toronto had a 9-0 lead headed into the 4th Inning. This was a sign that the Leafs had changed since Ottawa’s last meeting with them. Were the Fat Cats overconfident headed in? I find that hard to believe, since a second-last place team has no business being cocky.

Ottawa didn’t quit though. You have to admire their perseverance, as they did trim a bit of the fat off of the Leafs’ lead. Dave Valesente was one of the runners that came in to score, however–unless I missed a trade–Pointsreak was wrong when it came to the second Ottawa scorer. It says that Eitan Maoz, the Mississauga Twins Catcher, came in to score for the Fat Cats. I assume that this was a mistake, and that the run was actually made by Dan Baribeau.

The final result was a 9-2 Leafs win. The Cats were definitely looking for a different result in Game 2. Sadly, it was more of the same.

Jake Gallo pitched the whole game for Toronto, and definitely helped the Leafs pick up the victory. He held the always dangerous, Joe Stone off the bases and recorded a solid 6 KO’s. Out of the 6 hits that Ottawa did manage, only 2 scored. It was a great defensive effort from the Maple Leafs, altogether, and when you get 17 batters home as well, I think that you may win games.

I wish that I could say that Ottawa had the same type of fielding, however if I did, I’d be lying. The only word that could accurately describe the Cats this afternoon in game two, would be “Suck”.

Matt McGovern started on the mound, but needed to be replaced after the 4th inning. After the 4th, the Cats were down 7-2, but theoretically, were still in the game. Cue Durward.

Tyler Durward came into the game, and walked the first batter he faced. After a few more walks, many singles, a double and a home run, Toronto led 12-2. After that, er, if you could call it an inning, Durward came out of the game in favor of Joel Richard. Him and Josh Soffer finished off the game for Ottawa.

Maybe it was the fatigue of playing 5 games in 3 days, or maybe it was the fact of being away from home all week. I truly have no clue for why Ottawa played like they did today. In their defense, however, the Leafs are currently on an absolute roll. They’ve been easily brushing aside established ball clubs, like the Barrie Baycats and the Mississauga Twins. These wins put the Leafs within a game and a half of the league lead, and the Ottawa Fat Cats 12 and a half games behind the league lead. They are also the 1st IBL team to reach 20 losses this year.

Ottawa will have to dig out some Canada Day magic from their closets, when they take on the 9-13 Guelph Royals at Ottawa Stadium this Thursday. It’s the Fat Cats first home game for quite a while, so let’s give them a warm welcome back, and hope for a win!

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