Fat Cats and Mississauga Split Doubleheader

It wasn’t a good time to be an Ottawa Fat Cat around this time last night. The Cats were fresh off of a loss to the Hamilton Thunderbirds, the only team behind the Cats in the standings. Ottawa looked to redeem themselves at Medowvale Field in Mississauga, as this lengthy road trip starts to come to a close.

To do so, they would have to fend off the hungry Twins, in doubleheader action.

If you’re on the Twins, then the start to this game couldn’t have gone better. The 1st inning was fairly uneventful, however in the second, the Twins managed to get Seven men to the plate. Despite that, the only run that came in was a Branson Joseph shot, that brought Ottawa native Eitan Maoz home, to score the first run of the ball game.

In the 3rd, Mississauga got 7 to the plate once again. Tyler Durward’s pitching wasn’t great, however the Fat Cats’ fielders bailed him out well. No runs managed to score.

This has really been the story of the season for Tyler Durward. Quite frankly, you don’t belong in the IBL when you can’t throw strikes and you give up 9 hits in 5 innings. Am I the only one that sees this? He’s pitched 23 Innings this year, which is 2nd most on the team. I’m not really sure how he got to those kinds of numbers.

Once Durward’s day was done, an unlikely suspect stepped onto the mound for Ottawa. Zach Staniewicz has impressed from all positions this season, including Pitcher. This was his second appearance on the mound, and he pitched fairly well. 2 hits in 2 innings isn’t stellar, but it was enough to hold down the fort.

This was a neck-and-neck ball game, all the way to the 7th Inning. That was where the game changed completely.

Bill Martin had been throwing out the Fat Cats for the whole game, until the 7th Inning, when Twins’ Manager Scott VandeValk, put Kyle Benoit into the game. Benoit walked Matt McGovern with 4 straight pitches on his first at bat, Joe Stone then pounded a double into the deep Outfield to put both himself, and McGovern in scoring position.

The bases were then Loaded when Benoit walked new Fat Cat, David Valesente, and things only got worse from there. Benoit than walked Jon Dale, to score Matt McGovern. The next batter was Mark Charrette, who was hit by a pitch. Joe Stone scored on that play. As you could probably imagine, Kyle Benoit’s day was over after that. The relief for the relief, was Franco Pace.

Pace didn’t last long. His 1-0 Pitch to Mombo, was singled out and drove in Jon Dale and Dave Valesente to make it 4-1. At that point, you could tell that VandeValk wasn’t fooling around with his team. Pace’s day was done, and in came Kurtis Robinson. Robinson finished the game, however the damage had been done.

Ottawa finished off the Twins in the bottom of that 7th inning, to record another win.

You have to say that this game was kinda, sorta handed to the Fat Cats (6-18). While that may be true, you have to give the Ottawa fielders the credit that they deserve. They kept their team in this ball game, only allowing one run to come in, out of the 11 hits that Missy (12-11) mustered up.

In game 2, the Twins wanted to shake off that 7th Inning loss, and they did it well. Ian Choy, Branson Joseph and Darryl Pui scored for Missy in the bottom of the 1st, and they didn’t relinquish their lead from then on, winning game 2, 7-4.

Ottawa did attempt a little comeback  near the end of this game, and definitely didn’t let the Twins walk away with this one.  With a 7-2 lead headed into the Top of the 7th, Mississauga didn’t make the the same mistakes that they did in the first game of this series. They stuck with Starting Pitcher, Luis Castillo for the whole game, and eventually took the win, however there was no doubt that there were shades of last game going through the heads of a few Twins.

The Fat Cats didn’t play like the Second-to-last-place team that they are on paper this evening in Mississauga. They definitely seem ready for the Maple Leafs tomorrow afternoon. Start time is 1 PM from Christie Pitts, in the heart of the G20 Summit.

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