Last Place Thunderbirds upset Ottawa


That is the only word that can decsribe the Ottawa Fat Cats’ performance earlier this evening. They took on the last-place, Hamilton Thunderbirds at Bernie Arbour Memorial Stadium in Hamilton. The result was a 2-1 loss. A very disappointing performance from Ottawa this game. We just couldn’t seem to capitalize on the opportunities that the Thunderbirds gave us. The sense of urgency was not there.

Ryan Van Spronsen was on the mound for Hamilton, pitching reasonably well. Pointstreak is not working for this game, so I don’t have exact stats for anybody, however Van Spronsen had at least 10 Strikeouts in this game. A few 1-2-3 Strikeouts and Innings on the scoresheet was courtesy of Van Spronsen. Nino Fasulo got the save for the Thunderbirds.

On the other side of the mound, we had Danny Desclouds. Desclouds was solid early as well. He went 9 up, 9 down in the first 3 Innings of the game. After that, he didn’t do much else for the Fat Cats, but didn’t really contribute to the loss in any way. He pitched soundly, seeing the whole game, while the Ottawa Infielders did most of the work defensively.

Speaking of the Fat Cats Infield, if there was one thing to be happy about it was just that. Zach Staniewicz, Cody Mombourquette and Matt McGovern were stellar for Ottawa, not giving any errors to the Thunderbirds at all. While that may not seem to impressive, it is still a win on it’s own considering the dismal season that Ottawa’s infield has had up until this point.

The next step is winning games consistently.

At the plate for Ottawa, Kyle Barclay was great as usual. He even managed to steal 1st base in the 6th Inning of the ball game. Something that MLB Players struggle to do.

Taking a look at the big picture, this was hardly a good performance from the Fat Cats in Hamilton today. There was just no sense of urgency, and not enough effort. Listening to the game on INDI 101, it sounded like Ottawa didn’t really care much for this game. I hope to see a better effort against Mississauga and the 3rd Place, Toronto Maple Leafs later this weekend.

    • Pierre
    • June 26th, 2010

    I couldn’t disagree more with your assessment of this game.

    Neither of us was there but looking at the boxscore, I’d say this was the best and most entertaining game of the year. We ended up on the losing side because we were facing one of the best pitchers in the league. VanSpronsen was before the game a league leader in ERA. He obviously is a strikeout artist and showed it against the Fat Cats. How can you say they put in no effort? We just faced a good pitcher.

    We had a good one ourselves in Desclouds. A solid performance, no walks. No errors by the team is very good too, the first in a month (since we last played Toronto). This is very encouraging. Lots of positives in this game. A good effort. We just faced the wrong pitcher on this day.

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