New Signings and Releases from Ottawa

Today, the Ottawa Fat Cats announced some new signings and releases, just hours before their doubleheader tonight in Hamilton.

The releases include C, Rudy Vallejos and RHP, Matt Hummel. Valejos’ release came without much surprise, since after all, he did only play in 10 games this year mostly as a DH. He fell in the shadow of Marcel Levac and Marshall MacDonald frequently at the position of Catcher.

The downside to this release is that we are now left with just 2 Catchers. Bill McKenzie will have to rely heavily on Marsh and Dan Baribeau at that position.

Our second release of the day, was that of Matt Hummell. Hummell was middle of the pack in Team ERA, which–looking at our team’s average–is not a good thing. Matt was unfortunately is the odd one out, as the Fat Cats signed a new pitcher that has Pro Ball experience.

That man would be Jose Aquino. This RHP played the 2009 Season with the Quebec Capitales, in a league that Ottawa baseball fans are all too familiar with. Until now, his 2010 Campaign has been with the New York Rip Tide of the NYCMBL in New York City. His 0-2 record is complimented by an ERA of 2.21, and if the quality of ball in the NYCMBL is anything similar to the IBL, then this was one gem of a signing by Duncan MacDonald.

The Second of the two newest additions to the Ottawa Fat Cats is David Valesente. This St Joseph product was near the top of most stat counts for his school team. He led the St Joseph Hawks in doubles with 12, and managed 32 RBI’s on 172 at bats, including 4 Homers. I particularly like this signing, because the Fat Cats were in dire need of another infielder, and Valesente more then fits the bill.

I doubt that we will see these two new players in action tonight against the Thunderbirds, but in my opinion, this roster shake up is a win for Ottawa. We will have to see how these new players perform in the next few weeks leading up to the playoffs.

    • Pierre
    • June 25th, 2010

    With Rudy gone, that changes my preferred lineup which is:

    Stone, DH
    Mombo, SS
    Farago, LF/DH
    Neill, CF
    MacDonald, C/1B
    Barclay, RF/DH
    Dale, 2B
    Vallejos, 1B/C
    McGovern, 3B

    Dan Baribeau can now take Rudy’s place in the lineup and catch. Charrette can be backup 3B/SS. Sauve can play first as well. Which leaves Latimer also on the bench and a couple of other guys to pinch-hit/run such as Staniewicz and McGovern when he doesn’t pitch or play.

    If this was organized ball, the 5-man rotation would be Desclouds (don’t let him relieve), McGovern, Steffler, Hummell (oops, I mean Aquino if he’s a starter) and Lynch. The setup guy Durward with closer Barnes. Soffer should probably be a starter with Richard and Sabourin available for mop up duties.

    Maybe this Valesente can play third or short. So McGovern can go back to pitching, although he looks decent at the plate. This means Charrette is out soon.

    So what do you think of my lineup? Not that MacKenzie would use it but I believe we can maximize run production with it, maybe a bit over league average. No reason too that Desclouds, McGovern and Steffler or Soffer can’t start the rest of the games, seeing we play only on weekends.

    • Looks nice. I think that the reason for bringing Valesente in, was so that McGovern could find his way back to the mound. Kind of a shame.. I’ve been impressed by him on the bases ans at the plate.

      I agree that Charrette is on his way out… just hasn’t really delivered, has he?

      Question–figured that you may know the answer–has Barnes played yet this year? I haven’t seen him.. interested on how good he looks. I Googled him and couldn’t find anything.

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