Cats’ Release Two Players

Ross Graham - Former Fat Cat

I was aiming to get this out as soon as I saw it, however, a certain earthquake prevented me from doing so.

This morning, I was making my way through the Ottawa Fat Cats’ website, when I noticed a change. In the “Latest News” category at the bottom of the page, it now lists the Fat Cats’ newest signings as well as their most resent releases.

In the newest signings category, it displayed the names of Zach Staniewicz, Tony Farago, Dan Baribeau and Ross Graham. I knew about those new signings, but one thing that really caught my eye was the releases section.

That section displays the Pitcher, Marc Charbonneau–a release that I had known about–as well as the releases of the OF, Kyle O’brien and the IF, Ross Graham.

O’brien had played 4 games with the Fat Cats, and did manage to score 2 runs on 10 at bats. However, I kind of saw the release of Kyle coming. After Ottawa signed Tony Farago, Ottawa had had 6 outfielders. 4 of which were in the Top 7 on the team in Batting Averages. Somebody had to go, and the only one that really stood out in our group of Outfielders was Kyle.

I wish him the best of luck in his “future endeavors”.

The second release by the Fat Cats was the freshly signed, Ross Graham. In 2009 and this spring, Graham played for Genesee Cougars, his school team. This year for Ottawa, Graham did only play in 2 games, amassing 1 RBI on 4 at bats, but I really liked the way that he looked out on the field.

When Graham did get on base, he was always a threat. Much like Joe Stone or Cody Mombourquette, you always had to keep an eye on him, because he may make a move. He was a nice addition to Ottawa’s Infield, and there doesn’t seem to be a good, valid reason for him being let go–unless Ottawa plans on signing a 5th Infielder.

Like Kyle O’brien, I wish Ross the best in his “future endeavors”.

    • Pierre
    • June 24th, 2010

    Time to tell it like it is: this team is terrrible. Yet, they still might make the playoffs because Hamilton could be slightly worse. If they make it, a quick playoff exit is to be expected but let’s make it there first.

    Ross Graham only played the last two games. I didn’t know we had this new guy. Went 0-for-4, one walk, one RBI, two SOs, one error playing third. I guess that was enough for MacKenzie to see he was not the solution.

    I see Marc Charbonneau having pitched only one game a month ago today. He did well to preserve the 20-1 victory over Toronto. Too bad since he didn’t allow a hit or walk in 1 2/3 and struck out two of the four batters he faced. Why let him go? I don’t know. Got hurt? Couldn’t commit enough time for the team?

    O’Brien is another who didn’t play much, only four games. I think in his case is making three errors in left field in 14 chances.

    Let’s look at the team overall so far:

    Batting average .261 which is a couple points better than the league. I don’t like batting average, it doesn’t tell you everything.

    OBA: .350, league is .340 so the guys can take a walk and that’s good. OBA is half of OPS (on-base plus slugging), which corrolates well with scoring runs.

    The Fat Cat’s slugging is .330 while the league is at .347. We simply get too many singles and not enough extra base hits. Don’t expect home runs, not with these guys in our ballpark. But more doubles would surely help. Even though we also get on base by walks, it’s not enough. The league scores an average of 5.3 runs per game. We score 5.0

    Another major problem: errors. We allowed 44 unearned runs. OK, it’s a problem in this league (I knew it would be) but that is more than any other team. It cost us I figure three or four wins.

    Obviously the biggest problem is the pitching. Last in the league with a 6.31 ERA. The next ones are Hamilton at 5.83. The league is at 4.35, almost two full earned runs lower.

    Matt McGovern is our best at 3.86. Danny Desclouds has been a bit inconsistent and wild in a recent game which we lost in the ninth when we were ahead. I thought David Steffler was supposed to be better as well as Soffer.

    Maybe the problem is playing mostly only weekend games. Maybe not enough practice, not enough playing time. Let’s say what happens in the second half.

    • Pierre
    • June 24th, 2010

    Couple more interesting stats for you.

    Big innings are were a team score 4 or more runs. We have 9 such innings and the opposition has also nine.

    However, we scored four of ours in the 20-1 blowout. We had two such innings in a 12-11 loss against the Twins in Ottawa. This means three more such innings and we didn’t win in any of those games.

    We scored four in an inning 6 times, five once (a game we lost 10-9) and once had a 6-run inning.

    The opposition has had 3 innings of four runs, two of five, one of six, one of 7, one of 9 and one of 11.

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