Father’s Day Failure… Fat Cats lose 10-6

Kitchener hosted a confident Ottawa Fat Cats team earlier today, at Jack Couch Park. The Fat Cats were coming off of 3 valiant performances against the Brantford Red Sox and Barrie Baycats, even defeating the best team in the league, Barrie, 7-5 in one of their two doubleheader games.

Kitchener, however, has been a bit of a problem for Ottawa this year. The Panthers have gone 4-0 against Ottawa for this 2010 campaign. One could argue that 3 of the 4 Ottawa losses came in that dreadful 10-game losing streak that the Fat Cats suffered earlier this year, which is definitely a reasonable argument. Ottawa had the confidence this Afternoon, that was missing in these two teams’ previous meetings.

The game would get off to a slow start. Nobody did anything reasonably interesting until the 4th, where Marshall MacDonald drove himself into home with a solo home run. Things weren’t looking too good for Panthers’ Starting Pitcher, Mike McGillivray, after new Fat Cat, Tony Farago pounded another one over the wall for Ottawa. That was 2 Homers in 2 Innings for the Fat Cats.

At this point, MacKenzie could’ve ridden Matt Hummel until the 7th or 8th Inning, and then put in somebody like Joel Richard or Brett Sabourin to save for him. However, this wasn’t what he decided to do.

Instead, Richard came in during the 5th. Now, I have nothing against Joel. He is a great pitcher, but Matt Hummel was definitely pitching solidly for Ottawa. For me, there didn’t seem to be any logical reasoning for pulling Matt from the game.

From the 5th Inning on, the game was practically an offensive explosion. There was only 1 half-inning without a run scored. That turned out to be the Top of the 6th, which was where Mike McGillivray put out Mombo, Marsh and Kyle Barclay to get the 1-2-3 for Kitchener. In the bottom of that Inning, the Panthers took the lead.

From then on, it was smooth sailing for Kitchener. Seven assurance runs in the next 2 Innings won the game for them. Not a bad performance at all from Ottawa at all, though. They certainly didn’t let Kitchener run away with this one, since the Panthers had to come back from a deficit to win the game. Hits were also very even.

Joe Stone stared for Ottawa, once again. It looks as though nothing can stop him. 3 for 3 plus a run and an RBI. On the other side of the field, Mike Winter led the RBI Count, after a 3-run homer by him in the eighth.

Unfortunately, this Road Trip isn’t completely over, as Ottawa will next travel to Hamilton to face the last-place Thunderbirds. If there is any team that the Fat Cats would want to play right now, it would certainly be the only team that is behind them in the standings. Let’s all give a big thank you to the IBL’s Schedulers for giving us that opportunity. Needless to say, however, this is definitely a must-win for Ottawa. Just think what two losses in a row to Hamilton would do to our Confidence.

The game is not televised, but it is on the radio in Hamilton on INDI-101. If you’d like to listen to that game on the Internet, click here: http://www.indifm.ca/.

    • Pierre
    • June 22nd, 2010

    Blogs are nice but recapping games is not all that interesting. How about telling us your opinion on what you think the team should do to have a better second half. What are the major problems with the team? Don’t be afraid to say “this guy sucks”. You sort of hinted in your last post that you don’t like some of MacKenzie’s moves. Maybe some of these moves he had no choice (like no DH on Friday). Give us opinions.

    • Thanks for your input, Pierre. It’s always a good thing to give me your opinions on how to make this blog better.

      I’ve been planning on adding a weekly column, where I would be more opinionated then in my game recaps.. not exactly sure when I’ll be starting that, but in the next few weeks we should see it.

      Again, thanks for your opinions 🙂

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