Panthers Pounce on Fat Cats, win 7-3

DISCLAIMER: In this  blog post, I will deliberately refrain from using the term “9-game Losing Streak”.

Today’s game between the Ottawa Fat Cats and Kitchener Panthers was not televised, since it was a rescheduled wash-out from last weekend and Rogers doesn’t carry rescheduled games. However, this was probably a good thing, unless you enjoy watching the Cats lose.

All jokes aside, Ottawa did play much better than their last performance against the first place, Barrie Baycats, but we must remember that this Kitchener Panthers team, isn’t as high up in the Standings as the Baycats. The now 10-7 Panthers are battling the Toronto Maple Leafs (9-7) and the Mississauga Twins (7-7) for 3rd position in the Standings.

34-year-old David Steffler got the start on the Mound for Ottawa. He took the loss, allowing 11 hits for 5 runs g in 4 innings, and got the yank in the Middle of the 5th inning, which was arguably the killer today for the Fat Cats. Danny Desclouds came in for Steffler, and pitched for the rest of the game, solidly, except for a questionable 7th inning. Ross Davis got the win for Kitchener.

At the plate, Luke Baker did very well for the Panthers. He managed 4 hits on his 5 at bats. One run came in on those hits, and Baker himself brought in one run. For the Fat Cats, Jon Dale, former Ottawa Cub, got 2 hits in his five at bats. He led the stat count for Ottawa ‘s offense.

Zach Staniewicz continues to impress me. This was his second start with the Fat Cats, and he has managed to get on base in both games. Denten Neill was also solid, as always.

The Fat Cats are getting better, however the upcoming schedule isn’t being particularly nice to us. Ottawa doesn’t return home from a lengthy road trip, until the beginning of July. On this road trip, the Cats must face off against the top three teams in the league.

We can only hope for an upset, and I think that it’s possible, if our offense keeps it’s confidence, and our fielding improves a little more. It’ll be tough, though. Ottawa’s road record isn’t exactly promising.

Ottawa’s next game is vs. the Brantford Red Sox, at Arnold Anderson Stadium on Friday.

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